Sep. 1st, 2009 @ 08:38 am Referendum 71
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Fellow Washingtonians: Referendum 71 has been announced to go on the November ballot.

"R-71 backers are seeking to overturn a law passed by the Legislature this spring that granted same-sex, registered domestic partners, along with straight couples with at least one partner older than age 62, the same state benefits as married couples."

There is hope that the referendum will be disqualified because it doesn't have enough signatures - it gathered 121,617 (the requirement is 120,577), but some of those signatures may not legally qualify.

Of course, that still means that there are about 120,000 homophobic fuckwits in my state who are willing to tear down the civil rights of other human beings. GTFO my state, thanks.

And remember: if R-71 does make it to the November ballot, you need to VOTE! And vote YES to KEEP domestic partnership rights.
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